Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oct 10th Lab

Type Face Assignment: Due Oct 17th

As discussed in class the way type is used has a fundamental impact on the meaning of written words. Type can be used to highlight the expressive aspects of the written words and/or to make it more legible. For people seriously thinking about typography both aspects are very important to consider.

• Photograph three bad examples of typography in public space. E.g. Outdoor signage. Keeping in mind the examples given in class these images should be photographed in such a way that we can clearly see both the type face and the space it exists in. Each image should be 1000 pixels wide in their largest dimension.

• Write 50 words for each example explaining why you think the type is used poorly and how it relates to its context i.e. the space that it is in.

• Upload the three images and the text for each to your website.

• Using Photoshop you will either improve the pre-exsiting type or you will add entirely new type to the image in a way that looks as photographically realistic as possible. Each completed image should be the same size as when they were originally photographed.

• Write 50 words for each image explaining how your adjustments are both an improvement and appropriate to their specific use in the space.

• Upload the three revised images and your text to your website.

Required Watching
In the set of Lynda Tutorials called:
Photoshop CS6 Text Workshop with Tim Grey
watch the videos in chapters:
2. Basic Text Appearance
3. Advanced Text Appearance
Photoshop CC 2015 One-on-One: Fundamentals 
watch the videos in chapters:
5. Introducing layers.

Using the perspective crop tool
Scaling, Skewing, and Rotating with Free Transform
Non-destructive transformations with smart Objects 
Removing unwanted details with Content-Aware Fill and Patch

Keep in Mind:

The Elements and Principles of Design
Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Space, Value
Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis, Balance, Proportion/Scale, Harmony, Rhythm/Movement

The overall sentiment of the typeface: 
Happy, Sad, Exciting, Formal? Does the typeface match the message?

Does the overall composition fit into a grid pattern? Does it use the rule of thirds?
Is the overall composition symmetrical? Balanced? Off-center? Clean? Messy?

Does this serve the purpose of the message?

Example1 - Straight
Example2 - Slant

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