Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sept 26th Lab

Homework #4: Due October 3rd

Shallow Depth of Field – In Photoshop
Take an image that you have shot with the DSLR cameras during lab time and create a shallow depth of field effect in Photoshop using the blur tool. This image should also feature foreground/background elements, use of the rule of thirds and have elements that create depth (use single point perspective to create depth). Follow the steps in the tutorial below. Post a jpg of your “in-camera” and “digital” shallow depth of field shot each to your website. 

Required Viewing: 
In the Lynda Tutorial Adobe Green-Screen Workflow with Richard Harrington watch:

In class, I will collect:
2 camera raw images: one with shallow depth of field, one without, cropped and color corrected.
1 photoshop file (.psd) with "digital" shallow depth of field.

*post both images to your web site

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