Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oct 17th Lab - Color

Color Assignment:

In the color lecture we discussed the cultural, expressive and compositional uses of color. In the lecture that introduced the elements of art and the principals of design we also discussed how these concepts are important for developing visual design.

Based on this create a separate logo for three of the 2016 presidential candidates. Each logo should not only be visually distinctive but also express the salient and unique features of the character of each of the three 2016 presidential candidates that you have chosen. The logos should be visually legible at a range of sizes i.e. look readable at both a small business card scale and at a large billboard scale.
  • Choose three of the 2016 presidential candidates and create a logo for each one.
  • Each logo image should be exactly 400x400 pixels.
  • The logos should be presented on your website.
  • On your website you will also include a minimum of 100 words for each logo explaining the qualities of the candidate and how your use of color communicates those characteristics. In the same text you will also name which elements of art and principals of design you also used and how you are doing it.
  • Your logo must be made from abstract shapes. You absolutely can not use any text, characters, or identifiable objects in the creation of the three logos.*

For this assignment, we will be using Illustrator.

*You may use text, but it must be converted to paths and creatively enhanced/embellished/altered to portray the character and political platforms of the given candidate. Original imagery created with abstract vector shapes in Illustrator must be a prominent aspect of the design. You may not import or copy pre-existing imagery or text.

In the next lab, I will be collecting the original Illustrator files, and all of the above should be posted to your web sites.

A few current logos and criticism

Examples of current candidates (with snarky commentary)

Recommended Watching: 

Getting Started:

Drawing Basic Shapes:

Transforming Objects:

Working with type:

Saving for web:

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