Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nov 21

Create a web-based non-linear story. For this assignment, you can use photography, iIllustration, montage, or simple text to create a narrative with multiple story paths which can be navigated using hyperlinks. 80% of the imagery and all of the text used must be your own original content.
1) Map out your narrative, using illustrator or simply a pen and paper.
2) Develop the imagery/text for each page.
3) In your MEDP150 folder, create a new folder named narrative. In this new folder, create a new images folder. Save your html file for this project, including a new index.html, directly in the narrative folder. If you are using external style sheets, make a css folder.
4) Post your project to the web, ensuring that all of your links work.

There must be at least three possible endings
There must be multiple ways to get to each one.


In-Class Example: 


Intro to CSS

Styling tables:

Text style generator:

Style sheets:

Common CSS topics

Adding Audio:

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